Wondering Wednesdays – grieving as we need to

Sundial, time doesn’t stand still, we cannot pause it, those things we fear sometimes do happen and we face loss and grieve.

One of the things I am finding challenging at the moment is snarky comments, mainly on social media about how people are grieving over the death of the Queen.

Many of us may have experienced inappropriate comments about our own grief and losses over time. No-one knows what lies underneath a particular loss, it can be cumulative and one loss can trigger so many memories and thoughts.

I appreciate this from Bonnie Thurston:

Do not allow words to be imposed on you, platitudes of hope dispensed like spiritual aspirin by those who have not been there.

And if you are not grieving over the loss of the Queen that’s fine too as the monarchy is complex and can symbolise something very different to people with different experiences to me.

Grief is complex and best let out amd we sometimes never expect to be triggered in the way we are by big or even tiny losses.

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