Wondering Wednesdays – on being strong

Comparison is invidious and admiration for being strong is one of those compliments which can also feel like pressure to keep on going when the energy isn’t there. Most days I feel strong, but sometimes circumstances combine and this is not the case. Sometimes I need to be realistic about what is going on and give myself time to breathe and grieve and regather my strength. As I posted on Monday as I pondered the Queen’s funeral and commitall, the first two verses of Psalm 121 which is included in the service: I lift up my eyes to the hills—from where will my help come? My help comes from the Lord,
 who made heaven and earth. Sometimes the help seems slower to come than I would like but I have faith it will come!

I find these words from Morgan Harper Nichols really helpful – she has a great Instagram account –

Not everyone’s strength looks the same, Sometimes strength is grasping on to a jagged trail on the steep side of the mountain, with icy rain on your shoulders and the wind on your back. Sometimes strength is continuing to push upward against the incline in pursuit of the the highest peak. It’s continuing the climb against heavy winds, as all of the travelled miles are wearing at your knees. Sometimes strength is waking up and choosing to breathe another day. Sometimes strength is getting out of bed. Your “strong” might not look like her strong and that is more than okay. You are not the same, so your strength will not look the same.

From All along you were Blooming Morgan Harper Nichols p114.

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