Wondering Wednesdays – pieces of puzzles

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am reading through the final edit of a book I have co-written on liberating learning. This struck me:

                        ‘Everyone carries with them at least one and probably

                        Many pieces to someone else’s puzzle.

                        Sometimes they know it.

                        Sometimes they don’t.

                        And when you present your piece

                        Which is worthless to you,

                        To another, whether you know it or not,

                        Whether they know it or not,

                        You are a messenger from the Most High.’[1] 

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

I love this metaphor, we get all sorts of insights, encouragements, solutions, support and so much more from others. Sometimes we do not realise it at the time but they offer a piece of a puzzle which we are grappling with or which we are not even aware of. Our interconnectedness to one another is something I only grow in awareness of and am so grateful for those pieces of my puzzle that I have received from so many.

[1] Kushner, L. (1977). Honey from the Rock: Visions of Jewish Mystical Renewal. New York: Harper and Row.


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