Paul and Sally Nash live in Birmingham UK and married in 1986. We have lots of areas where we seem quite similar and others where we are very different. We are both ordained Anglicans, both Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioners (although opposite types), both support London football teams (Sally Spurs and Paul Chelsea) both play golf and have worked with and for each other in some capacity for much of the time we have known each other.

Why marker posts and shelters? Originally we used marker posts and shelters as an alternative to the concept of rule and rhythm of life. Although we know that rule in this sense derives from a word meaning measure it has legalistic connotations that were not life giving to us. As we walked the Pilgrim’s Way from the mainland to the island we realised that in our lives we had begun to put in place both marker posts and shelters that sustained us in our life and ministry. Shelters are all sorts of things, people, places, practices and marker posts include celebrations, sabbaths, seasons and stewardship.


Sally Nash is an researcher, author, lecturer and trainer in youth work, ministry, spiritual care, shame and a range of related topics. She is a self-supporting Minister at Hodge Hill Church in Birmingham and research lead with the Centre for Paediatric Spiritual Care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She is a Companion of the Northumbria Community, a Trustee of Frontier Youth Trust and the Child Theology Movement.

Paul is the Chaplaincy manager and Spiritual Care Lead at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is co-founder of the Paediatric Chaplaincy Network, Centre for Paediatric Spiritual Care and Convenor of the Grove Youth Series.

Both of us can be found on Research Gate if you are interested in our publications.



If you would like to contact us our email address is paulandsal@msn.com and we welcome comments and debate on what we are posting. We post three times a week, Paul writes on Sundays and Sally Wednesdays and Fridays.

We need to add the usual health warning that any views on this website are our own and don’t necessarily represent those of employers or other organizations we represent!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. It seems another lifetime ago since I had the pleasure of being your student at CYM. Life is very different now, for the better! Still on with the struggle Paul, being honest about life and faith can lead to vulnerability but I’d rather that than the loneliness of hiding behind a smile. Thanks for all you put into me and for putting up with me all those years ago.


  2. Came across this blog this morning quite accidentally and having enjoyed reading your thoughts I realised I knew you both along time ago. Life is funny. Good to see what your up to now YFC was along time ago.


    • hi Karen, always nice to hear from folks from way back in yfc days. Have you changed your name? What have you been up to since those days? Are you still in touch with anyone? Had you have found the blog, enjoy.
      Paul and sally


  3. Dear Sally,
    Could you please send me your recent thesis Landscapes of shame in the church : a typology to inform ministerial praxis when it is available. Looks fascinating. I am a Physiotherapist by background, a Sociology PhD student and am trying to discern my very new and recent (and somewhat frightening) current call to ministry – a call which seems to be one which links my academic life with ministry, not separate it. It seems like you have established a combination – and I would like to know more about your path.


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