Friday photo – chaplains aTt play

Yesterday the BCH chaplaincy team got to take over the birthday marquee for a couple of hours and were able to showcase some of our work. There were tables full of different dimensions of the work – activities we do with children, our multifaith resources, our staff support opportunities, blob trees and lots more.
This table shows some of the activities. Often more is shared as chaplains companionably encourage patients and sometimes their families to engage in spiritual play where through activities some of their spiritual needs are explored. It is a great privilege to be part of the team and to work at disseminating some of our good practice through our blog and newsletter and webpages.


Friday photo – consider the lilies

If you look really closely at this picture you will see me as I took the photo. I see this picture every time I walk out of our living room. I bought it because the phrase consider the lilies is one which has been important to me for many years. It is a phrase from the Bible which reminds me to trust in God. In a week of endings and announcements that is a message it is good to be reminded of.

Friday photo – a time to celebrate

Yesterday we launched our edited book on Paediatric Chaplaincy Principles Practices and Skills. It was over three years in the making and includes so many contributions from around the world with different chapter authors but lots of practice examples too. It is the first text book in the field. It is an immense privilege to be able to be involved in such a project and we are so grateful to everyone who made it possible. It was good to celebrate yesterday. A patient came and talked to us about her experience of chaplaincy, an atheist consultant shared his perspectives and, pictured here, Sarah-Jane Marsh, both endorsed the book and came and gave a really encouraging speech for the launch. God is good!

Friday photo – uprooted

We often walk to this Weir on the Cotehele estate and visited again this week. What surprised us was the uprooted tree. It had looked so big and strong but clearly wasn’t! All of us have vulnerabilities but they can’t always be seen so grace and kindness will usually be the most appropriate response to situations which might naturally evoke a different reaction.

Friday photo – resting

After the busyness of Easter and the end of term next week is an opportunity to rest. I would like to have the skill of this duck to appear so tranquil when a steady stream of people are walking past! Peace be with you says Jesus rather a lot in the way we do Easter services and that is what I want to embrace!

Friday photo – perpetual inspiration

I have a perpetual Snoopy Calendar that sits on a bookcase in our lounge. I am not the greatest at turning it over a bit like not always managing to burn the advent candle down at regular intervals! But today was one of those days when I thought I wonder what it says and it was one of the biblical quotes…

I was teaching about spirituality yesterday and how helpful I find it to have some spiritual coping mechanisms even though I may still default to chocolate at times! I am writing this looking out of our back window and I am usually conscious of what God might be saying through what I see as well as my Bible reading. I often look for signs of joy and hope so despite what else may be going on there is joy in my heart which helps to sustain me. Pictures of Snoopy do that too!