Friday photo – the beauty of no mow May

I do appreciate the likelihood of the Council mowing all the verges along the pavements of the major road we live off is slim

However, if this is what happens when you don’t mow, it’s beautiful. Other places I have seen not much more than dandelions but I have no idea where these seeded from as it is alongside a paved over car anad van hire business.

Beauty comes in unexpected places and allowing nature to have some space to reveal the beauty of diversity and food for bees brightens my walk upto the local shops.

Anyone else got some beautiful no mow May pictures to share?

Friday photo – faded glory


I took this picture as I walked back to the cottage we have stayed in this week.

A hydrangea but fading and shedding flowers. But I was drawn to the beautiful pastel colours and the fragility of the flowers.

As I age I am more aware of the fragility of life, the sense that some things are fading but I still see the joy and the beauty, they are just different to what I might have seen when younger.

Friday photo – fragments

I have always loved stained glass from a young child onwards looking at the windows in church.

We bought this lamp last week, made up of fragments of old church stained glass windows. Check out Lucian Stained Glass on Insta if you want to see more of Jude’s work.

The broken misshapen bits that have been fitted together are what makes it beautiful to me.

Parallels to life, light still shines through us, despite brokenness and feeling like we have been stitched back together. Different experiences fused together that can light our or another’s way.


Wondering Wednesdays – seeing the wood

I took this photo yesterday morning on my arrive at work walk to free my body and mind after an hour in the car. I love dawn, it is my favourite time of the day, the stillness and calm, the birds singing and the emerging light. At this time of year you can see the wood not the trees, the structure and beauty of the often hidden shape emerges. I am spending time praying for clarity over different things at the moment, I am a big picture person and like to see the structure before the detail. There is so much I can connect with on my little walks and God speaks to me in the every day. It helps keep me rooted.

Wondering Wednesdays – over-strained

I am not sure I have ever heard or used the term over-strained before. It seems quite apt for different recent experiences – subject to excessive demand on strength, resources or abilities. Life isn’t like this all the time, it ebbs and flows but some circumstances may come together which mean I feel over-strained. The picture bis an advert for the National Trust and the poem a statement from the founder Octavia Hill. The remedy is one which works for me, quiet, beauty and space and even a little of it helps to restore and replenish. I am writing similarish things at the moment, I often write what I need to hear and putting things out there helps me to be accountable for what I think I need or God is saying to me at the moment.

Friday photo – sunrise

This is a picture I have just taken, a beautiful sunrise. A fresh day, to live in the present and appreciate the glory of creation. Praying for everyone facing challenges today, know of several personally,and remembering God’s faithfulness is new every morning.

Friday photo – beauty

I appreciated this statement written on the wall of the changing rooms where I was trying on a pile of clothes. I am trying to transition out of too big clothes and also to stop myself keeping a safety net wardrobe for if/when I put weight back on.  My hope is that it will not but statistics and my history are not in my favour.  However, I believe I am beautiful now but was too before I lost 4.5 stones as for me beauty isn’t about appearance bit so much more…

Friday photo – Christmas isn’t Christmas…

…without seeing the Cotehele garland


Every year the gardeners at the National Trust Property Cotehele in Cornwall grow flowers that will be made to make a unique Christmas garland. Unlike many of us they don’t get out last year’s and make do, they start from scractch. This year it is their diamond anniversary so they purposefully grew white flowers to represent diamonds. It is hung in a beautiful hall with a real log fire and not a lot of lighting – very atmospheric.

The time and energy that goes into creating the garland which is on display for eight weeks at the most is amazing. But it is an every changing thing of beauty, each year I look to see what the differences are, if there are new flowers or a different colour theme… I appreciate artistic gifts and putting time and effort into creating a thing of beauty brings much joy to people. I feel a sense of awe when I enter and that feeds my spirit.

Friday photo – sea urchin in perspective

sea urchin

If you look very carefully you can tell that this sea urchin is broken. I found it on the beach at North Shore, and stood admiring the beauty, the symmetry, the colours. But when I picked it up I saw that what you see is all there was. However, that didn’t mar the beauty for me I could still appreciate what was there and wonder about what event had caused it to break up and this part end up washed up on North Shore.

So many of us have hidden brokenness and sometimes we fail to see our beauty beyond that brokenness.