Friday photo – a little child shall lead them

Adia feet
Last night Adia washed my feet.  She helped me wash and dry the feet of the first person to come forward and then by herself washed and dried mine and the ones you can see in this picture as well as helping with others. We laughed at the way the bubbles seemed to find their way to the back of people’s feet so you had to dry them very carefully!

One of my friends, Keith White, encourages us to do theology with a child in the midst.  Last night it was not an imaginary or notional child, it was a real child (Keith always emphasises the importance of picturing a real child).  Adia served as Jesus did, with joy, in an unselfconscious way and blessed me so much. We have so much to learn from each other, and given what I do for a day job, learn from children and young people. Last night was a great intergenerational event where old, young and in between all contributed in different ways as we remembered, ate, shared, served and waited. I am so grateful to be in a church which creatively helps us to enter into the Lent and Easter story.

I did ask Mum if it was okay to post a picture!