Go the distance – recharging my spirit

We have just had a few days holiday and I noted that very quickly I was gaining a more healthy perspective on some of the things that have been getting to me. One of the questions I ask at the hospital to help facilitate reflections on spiritual care is ‘what lifts your spirit?’ When I began to feel better after some walks by the sea and in some beautiful countryside, I noticed not only was my spirit lifted it was also recharged. I felt less drained, less discouraged, more optimistic.

As we look forward to Easter, Palm Sunday, Holy week, we reflect on the sacrificial giving of Jesus the drain upon his spirit, I wonder what he had to recharge him? It cannot have been easy being betrayed and feeling abandoned not only by his followers but also his father. Jesus must have had a substantial inner belief, a steadfast trust in his father and an overwhelming commitment to the wellbeing of humanity.

Sounds like a rechargeable Easter plan


Friday photo – is it real?


Paul and I stood looking at this heron in the river at Bude asking if it was real. It was slightly deeper in the water than we usually see herons and it was so amazingly still. Eventually it started to move and we were clear then it was real!

I envy that capacity to be that still, at the end of a busy post holiday week – always plenty to catch up on I hope to take an hour or so today to be still, reflect, recharge between two lovely appointments – through skype and in real life!

Writing this is also in part being publicly accountable to actually doing it rather than just thinking about it!