Friday photo – crossing the causeway

I have chosen this picture for today because half term beckons. I am not sure we will make it here but the picture speaks to me of rhythms and timing and adventure and fun! It is the causeway to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall and we have spent many happy hours watching the tide come in and out and even walking through the ebbing or rising tide. It is also a metaphor – as so often my pictures and reflections are and it will be good to have some time to think and pray and listen as well as rest and regenerate.


Go the distance: the difference between rest, recovery, restoration, recreation

Seaton beach I was introduced to a framework similar to this by a fellow Chaplain, Mia Hilborn, on our last Paediatric Chaplaincy day. The fact I still remember 6 plus months later what she said suggests something resonated and stuck and she explained the need and difference to first recover before recreating after difficult crisis situations.  This week I am trying to take them in some kind of order and not expect too much of myself early in the holiday as I take an afternoon nap.

If you are on holiday this week or shortly, I pray you find time for all these aspects.  And be gentle with yourself in the mean time.


Wondering Wednesdays – sit and stare


This is the view I see each October half term as we have a family holiday. I get to sit on the sofa and stare at the view as the sun rises – which at this time of the year doesn’t mean I am up that early!

Last night I had a bath and read some of a Ruth Rendell novel, I had previously had a walk by the sea and played golf with the adorable nephew. I am not always sure why I blog when I am on holiday, I do it in part because it is a spiritual discipline for me which gets me to reflect and at least identify something which I need to ponder on for a bit longer. In my term time life I don’t get a lot of time to sit and stare but I do need it to recharge and renew. It doesn’t have to be a pastoral scene like this – I could do the same with a city skyline, it is more about being still and resting.

Friday photo – is it real?


Paul and I stood looking at this heron in the river at Bude asking if it was real. It was slightly deeper in the water than we usually see herons and it was so amazingly still. Eventually it started to move and we were clear then it was real!

I envy that capacity to be that still, at the end of a busy post holiday week – always plenty to catch up on I hope to take an hour or so today to be still, reflect, recharge between two lovely appointments – through skype and in real life!

Writing this is also in part being publicly accountable to actually doing it rather than just thinking about it!

Wondering Wednesdays – unexpected sights

moon rising

Living in densely populated urban Birmingham, the moon tends to just appear in the sky and often in a position we cannot see out of our house. This picture was taken as we sat in a summerhouse watching with awe as the moon rose over the horizon and we watched it move in the sky. It was such an unexpected sight, not something we thought to look out for or plan in our day. One of those magic moments that nurtures the soul. Every July I remember how my world got bigger the day I sat in class at school hearing that humanity had walked on the moon – I still can’t really believe it when we seem unable to build a road surface that doesn’t get full of potholes in a short space of time!

I live a little bit in my head and am not always fully aware of what is going on in the world around but holidays are times to try and live in the moment and give my attention to the complexity and diversity of the world around me. I can then be filled with wonder and replenish, re-create and rest in a different sort of rhythm.

Wondering Wednesdays – looking back


Yesterday we sat looking at this view and I began to think of the year that is ending today.   In the background you can just see the dishes that enable someone somewhere to listen to who knows what!  I have learnt so much from listening in the past year, about being a Curate, about spiritual care, about shame as I continue my studies, about how Common Awards works as CYM looks to develop new courses…  There have also been a few hard climbs at various points of the year.  I realized that my gratitude journal lasted until November which was a particularly difficult month for various reasons and probably a time when I need to focus on what I was grateful for but the little book got stuck in a big pile of books…  but I am aware that we have so many things to be grateful for this year.  You can just about make out the sea pool in the picture with the water being renewed by the sea – I am particularly grateful for the renewing moments during the year which include time with people, time learning new things, sacred and thin spaces and places…  I am wondering about 2015 and as usual will spend some time on 1st January listening with God about the year ahead.


Friday photo – swan land, swan lake….


I am drawn to pictures of rest and regneration at the moment – perhaps God is saying something! The picture of the swan sleeping makes me want to curl up in a ball, close my eyes and dream. I have always enjoyed the story of the ugly duckling that grows up to be a beautiful swan – not that I think that the duckling was ugly – ducklings are so cute but I do know what it feels like to feel different to others sometimes.  This picture reminds me to rest secure in who God has made me even when I am not in the place which feels most natural.