Honest Christianity – Be a thermostat, not a thermometer

be a thermastatSome of you are old enough to remember the bit of graffiti, “Be alert, Britain needs lerts”. It amused me then and still does, v sad i know. The title of this quote reminded me of that type of quote, a nice clever play on words, but a bit more profound.

It encourages me to not to be a victim to my environment, but to take responsibility, control for my own actions and the tone of things around me. To set a positive feel in the room, meeting, team, situation, to respond to what the context needs. It is easy to slip into complaining about our situations, the negativity, cynicism, defeatism, to become dragged down by it, even complicit. This quotes encourages us to be people who set the attitudes, mentality, values and virtues of our situations. we don’t have to be in leadership position to do this, but we can all take a positive lead.