Wondering Wednesdays – a different perspective

One of the most wonderful elements of a trip to California six years ago was seeing giant redwood trees. This one we saw on Sunday and is not quite in the same league but evokes the same feelings of how the passing of time can change a perspective. I can’t imagine what these trees would have seen in a place where different people lived and died and celebrated and lamented and did all those things which make up our lives. Summer is giving me the opportunity to reflect and as I work towards my two weeks holiday I am looking forward to some time and space and a different rhythm.


Friday photo – what happened?

I could have spent a long time looking at these trees wondering what happened to them to cause them to look like this. What conditions caused all those funny bumps at the bottom of the trunk? How did that hole appear? Why were parts of the tree dead and acorns showing new signs of life too. I wondered what life was like here when the trees were tiny. Were there still sheep and deer roaming the landscape? Who would have been walking here on a summer evening like we were? My imagination ran riot.

What an amazing place to play, it took be back to times of climbing on trees as a child and of being awestruck by giant redwoods in California.

I am amazed at the adaptability, diversity and beauty of trees.