Honest Christianity – God wants you to know Papa is especially fond of you

Yes Sally and I have just got back from seeing The Shack at the cinema. There will be no need for any spoiler alerts and it is a while since i have read the book, but as I recall the book the film is close to it. I have left the cinema with a more tender heart and some small glimpses of light into the mysteries of God as Trinity and engaging with the sufferings of life. I know some have issues with the theology of The Shack but I want to congratulate the author of the book William Paul Young and the Director of the film Stuart Hazeldine for tackling two of he most difficult and perplexing concepts and issues within the Christian faith – suffering and the Trinity.

We were also privileged to hear the Trinity/baptism Godly Play story in church in an inspiring Messy church time. The story reminded us of the wholeness and the individuality of the personhoods and character of the our Trinitarian God as circles of cloth were laid as an overlapping Venn diagram and water, light and oil were used to represent our creator, redeemer and sustainer.

Remember. God wants you know, Papa is especially fond of you.


Honest Christianity: spiritual genes


Ullswater 1

You know how some kids look more like one or another of their parents.  I went to a Goddaughter’s confirmation today. She is 11 and looks like both her mum and dad. There was also a comment made in the service, that your face gives it away.

It got me thinking, is there such a thing as spiritual genes?  If there are, can any of us look like God?  Am I made in the image of God, if so, who do I look like? Do I look like the whole Trinity, or more like one of the persons than another?  If so, who do my looks, my actions, my characteristics give me away as? Am I more love of the Father, presence of Jesus, facilitating of the Holy Spirit?

As with many children, we do not see who we look like? Sometimes people differ in who they think we look like. As for me, I am not sure who I think I look like? I think I want to look like the Trinity as well as parts of the different persons.

I hope my face gives me away. I hope my characteristics, gives no uncertainties.