Friday photo – evening light

Evening light
I took this picture yesterday evening, it does not do justice to the quality of the light. The shadows had lengthened, the temperature had dropped, the river began to take on a yellowish tone as the sun was sinking. I have no idea how I know this is evening light when I look at the picture but I do.

Less than an hour later it was dark and in a village with no street lights that really does mean dark. If you read this blog regularly you will know that I have been reading about loss this lent and as I look towards Holy Week I am hoping I can live more in the present and follow the story as it unfolds day by day. Evening light helps me prepare for the darkness, it isn’t an immediate switch off, there is a gradual process, I am drawn into night time with the hope of sunrise and morning light. However, I need to learn to live more comfortably with the growing shadows, with the darkening sky and learn to watch and pray…


Friday photo – waiting for the mist to clear

We sat here on Wednesday hoping the mist would clear so we could hit our tee shots down the 10th fairway. Earlier the fog horn had sounded which was the signal for everyone to head down to the bar! The mist never did clear and eventually we abandoned the round with the hope of a brighter tomorrow. A picture that reminds me of some friends who ate waiting, and waiting for mist to clear with love and prayers.