Wondering Wednesdays – the freedom in good enough

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I am a big fan of Donald Winnicott’s concept of ‘good enough’. Originally he wrote about it in relation to parenting – before I was even born (hence the picture). But it has been used in many different contexts since then. The link at the bottom of the blog is to a short article using the term in relation to doctors. At first I found the idea a bit odd as medicine is an area where we tend to think about wanting the best not just what is good enough. This is the concluding paragraph which I am still mulling over but think I have seen in other fields including my own…
Good enough is not mediocrity. It has to do with rational choices as opposed to compulsive behaviour. The good enough approach is a way to drive ongoing improvement and achieve excellence by progressively meeting, challenging, and raising our standards as opposed to driving toward an illusion of perfection. A best practices approach to any endeavour is to start with good enough and raise the bar to achieve excellence—because being an excellent doctor should not
compromise a good enough personal life.