Wondering Wednesdays – rainbow’s end

Rainbow’s End was the name of a house by a stream in Launceston. It captured my imagination as a name for a house. It was in an idyllic setting and I can see how someone who bought it may feel like they have found a pot of gold. Later that same day we saw this rainbow – and I got as close as I could without getting wet. I wonder sometimes if I need to take that extra step towards something or someone to embody the hope that a rainbow gives me. Some days I need a little of the abandon seen in the children playing so joyfully.

Honest Christianity – what comes first forgiveness or repentance?

chicken egg

When I heard this question this morning my initial response was to say repentance. My logic was that to be forgiven you have to say sorry and ask for it. David one of our ministers said he did not think there was an occasion in the gospels that suggested that repentance was needed first. His logic was that forgiveness was always available whether repentance was asked for or done.  It seems a point well made.

Yes we are told to repent and be baptised, we need to be forgiven to get right with God, go and sin no more Jesus tells the woman caught in adultery. It is not about our human logic, I will forgive you if you ask. But what is there first? It must be the nature of God, which is a gracious, loving, desiring and providing a way for humanity to be restored in relationship.

The reasonable conclusion is that the forgiving nature of God is what makes repentance possible. God is always desiring to be forgiving, God can be no other.

Friday photo – entertaining angels

This week we visited a cottage in Trewint which is a small museum celebrating John Wesley and Methodism. On arrival we were invited in, offered refreshments and told the story of the cottage which included quoting the verse about entertaining angels unawares. The free refreshments derive from the original hospitality offered to Wesley’s team. I was delighted that the actions of one woman live on and that there are people who volunteer to tell the story which must have been passed on down the generations. Faith in action.

Go the distance – another prayer

It has been fun watching children play on holiday this week, unabandoned joy. We also heard a small child cry as they were being coached down a dark cramped lighthouse stairs . I found this prayer this week that I look forward to taking back to the hospital.

I hear no voice, I feel no touch, I see no glory bright; But yet I know that God is near, In darkness as in light. God watches ever by my side, And hears my whispered prayer. A God of love for a little child both night and day does care.

As with most things for children, we have a lot to learn from them. Amen

Wondering Wednesdays – Excalibur

On Saturday we wemr to Buckland Abbey ans scattered around were pieces of Andrew Logan’s The Art of Reflection exhibition. This was one of my favourites. Cornwall has various places which interact withthr Arthurian legend and the sword Excalibur is part of that. For me the mystery of the lady in the lake is more exciting than a sword but images and stories nourish my imagination. The capacity to see yourself in so many of the pieces added to the challenge of the exhibition.