Wondering Wednesdays – write the thought down

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Many mornings I read something from a book of collected readings for a year – I have an eclectic collection and appreciate the diversity of thought and perspective doing this gives me. Yesterday I was reading something from Ray Simpson’s book Waymarks for the Journey and I was very struck by the opening paragraph, it is a discipline that I have not always kept to but value when I do:

“Memory is weaker than the palest ink” says a Chinese proverb. Significant thoughts that God gives us are easily submerged under the avalanche of images, noises, activities and data that daily overload us. If we take time, in silence, to write these thoughts down, they become like signposts which stay standing and to which we might return.

Reference: Ray Simpson, Waymarks for the Journey Buxhall: Kevin Mayhew, 2009, p470.


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