Musing Aloud: defender of what?

There has been some speculation that when Prince Charles, now King Charles III, would come to the throne, he would change his declaration of defender of the faith to faiths. This did not come to pass.

Our new King used the traditional words his mother used 70 years ago. This was a surprise as our new King, is known for supporting the multi faith and belief communities in the UK and Commonwealth. He declared in this past week that he identities as Anglican Christian, so stayed with tradition. As encouraging as this ownership of a personal faith is, I would not have a problem with a change of words. Christianity in the UK is a part of our heritage that we can mostly be proud of, but not always. Other worldviews have been making a valued contribution in the UK for many decades. Personally, I enjoy and am enriched by these communities within communities.

Our World needs people of influence to defend those around the world who are persecuted for their beliefs. I am pleased our new King will do this as a Christian.

God save the King.

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