Friday photo – don’t step on the daisy


I am always amazed when I see a flower growing in such unpromising conditions – the power of something so small and fragile in finding its way through a small crack, in being rooted in a tiny amount of soil.

However, it could so easily be crushed by a careless walker climbing these stone steps (up to Bude Castle). And some people think that daisies are weeds and want to rid their lawns of them. Making daisy chains as a child was one of my favourite activities.

I wonder what sort of daisy chains might emerge in the coming days. Little signs of hope that have been evident as I have talked to people and spent time on social media. A different mindset, a desire for change, a concern for the vulnerable… it would be so sad if the daisy was crushed, impossible to use to make a daisy chain. But that will require commitment, resolution, sacrifice, tears and prophetic words and actions that say there are those who care, who share God’s passion for the poor, the orphan, the widow, the lonely, the brokenhearted…


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