Friday photo – talking trauma

Yesterday we had out annual meal with Keith White and after a little miracle in a tunnel on the A38 with the clutch we joinwd Paul for a meal. We have shared aspects of our lives for several years now and one of the best parts of my clergy training was my placement at Millgrove which he and his wife Ruth run together. One of the most interesting parts of the conversation was around trauma. All of our lives are touches by it and I know from a quick look at social media that I have traumatized friends this morning. I had not really considered before the Good Samaritan as a trauma story, it was he who met the traveler at their time of trauma, not those you might expect to. The context was partly Paul’s chaplaincy setting and the connection that sometimes exists over years between the staff member who was there at the crucial time. Trauma studies are growing in prominence and it is an area I want to read more about but I am aware that I experienced God positively in a very traumatic event which is not true for all but another time my faith took a bit of a bit and there are tendrils which still reach out from that time which can catch me unawares. I pray for hope this morning, hope we can hold on to.


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